Corporate engagement

From raising money to a hands-on experience, you can have a positive impact on the lives of Australian children through a number of best-in-class engagement options.

Make a difference while you work

From raising money to building awareness and being champions of our cause,
Barnardos Australia’s corporate partners help us ensure that children and young people get the support they need through our tailored programs.


Giving in the workplace

We’re proud to offer our corporate partners unique and fun ways to engage their staff, enhance their skills and support Barnardos programs.

We have created a range of staff engagement and corporate volunteering opportunities that will help your team to bond, learn new skills and provide practical assistance to vulnerable Australian children in need.

These activities are not only varied and dynamic to suit the desired outcomes of your team but also provide an opportunity to step outside the office whilst learning more about the important work of Barnardos.

Each activity can be tailored to the number of volunteers and the time you’re able to commit. For existing Barnardos corporate partners, we can often include these activities as part of your partnership with us. For non-partners we do charge a fee – to cover the cost of the activity, staff time and to enable Barnardos to continue to support children in need.

Workplace Giving

An easy and convenient way for your staff to make regular donations each pay cycle. Supporting Barnardos’ programs directly from your payroll, receiving immediate pre-tax benefit

Matched giving

Consider making a dollar match for every contribution your staff make. This not only shows your employees that you are invested, but tells the wider community that you are serious about making a difference

Staff engagement

Barnardos offer a variety of unique and fun ways to motivate your staff and enhance their skills by supporting our programs. Staff will benefit by transforming an ordinary workday into an event to remember

Corporate donation

Support Barnardos work with families and children by becoming a corporate partner, making a regular donation, joining our sponsorship program or awarding a grant. Use your business to do some good

Ideas that make an impact

Barnardos can offer corporate partners unique and fun ways to engage staff and enhance their skills. Activities can be tailored to numbers of staff, providing an opportunity to step outside the office whilst learning more about the work of Barnardos Australia.

Day out with the kids

Join forces to take kids from our programs on a fun day out to the zoo, the cinema or other fun activity.

For most of us, childhood was the easiest part of our lives, but for thousands of Australian children, it can be the hardest.

A ‘Day Out With The Kids’ can provide these children with a special opportunity to alleviate the anxiety and stress of everyday pressures and challenges and enjoy an afternoon of care free fun!

Working bees

Come together as a team to help Barnardos transform one of our Centres.

Our Centres work tirelessly to provide essential, intensive support for children in our care every day. Sometimes this means other projects are pushed aside, such as gardening, painting, general maintenance or spring cleaning.

Working bees to help make these much needed improvements a reality. They are a great team-building activity and allow your staff to have a real impact on improving our facilities for children and families.

Peter Pan Op Shop

Rally together to assist at this iconic second-hand clothing sale.

The Peter Pan Op Shop is run by the Peter Pan Committee, a fundraising auxiliary of Barnardos Australia, and it dates all the way back to World War II when clothes rationing was introduced. It has since become an iconic fundraising event held twice a year, raising thousands of dollars for Barnardos along the way.

Volunteers can assist with set up, pricing, general sale day activities or pack down. See our events page for dates.

Barnardos Amazing Race

This is an unforgettable employee engagement experience, offering team-building, problem-solving, and networking activities, whilst supporting vulnerable children and their families!

Teams must rely on their problem-solving skills, creativity, teamwork, and navigation abilities to complete each challenge successfully and progress to the next one. The race is completed on foot and covers approximately 3-5kms of total walking distance (over 2 hours).

The race will conclude at a secret location, where the winning team will be announced during a short debrief. Then it will be time to wind down with your team, reflect on the day, and network with your peers!

Spots are limited, so seize this opportunity today

Contact us to have one of our Corporate Engagement staff come and have a chat to your team about how they can get involved.



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