Real children, real stories

Meet some of these children, young people and families who, with your help, can get the support they need to recover and thrive again.

Together, we can all make a difference

Many families in our community are struggling with poverty, domestic violence, homelessness, mental illness, social isolation or drug and alcohol abuse and we know this can have adverse effects on children’s futures.

We support families in crisis to help keep their children safe and prevent them from entering foster care. We provide children a safe, stable and nurturing family environment through foster care and open adoption. We build community connections to encourage families to support each other, improving their social and emotional wellbeing and the wellbeing of their children.

Here are some very real stories of the children, young people and families we have helped but the need for our services continues daily.


Heartbreaking, inspirational, real stories

Meet Jessica

Jessica was only seven years old when she came to Barnardos, severely neglected in tattered clothes and no shoes.

Meet Max and Layla

Max and Layla were severely abused and beaten at home. Their mum couldn't escape the perpetrator until one day medical staff intervened.

Meet Grace

Poor little Grace lived in filth and was never taught how to speak until she came to Barnardos at the age of 4.

Meet Tegan

Tegan was stuck in an extremely abusive, violent relationship and feared for her children's lives. Barnardos helped her find safety and rebuild their lives, breaking the cycle of abuse.

Meet Sherryn

Sherryn was living in her car with her kids and battling addiction when she came to Barnardos for help. We are so proud of what she has now been able to achieve in her life.

Meet Ellie

When Ellie had her first child she struggled to cope with parenthood and felt isolated, depressed and desperate. Our supported playgroup program helped her find a life-changing support network.

Meet Scott

Scott went through more in the first 3 months of his life than most of us will in a lifetime. Scott's life changed forever when Barnardos placed him with compassionate foster carer Barb.

Meet Elise and Rosie

Stripped of their childhood innocence, sisters Elise and Rosie were in a constant state of 'fight or flight' until they came into the care of Barnardos. 


Our foster carers share their stories

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Meet Pippa

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Meet Paul and Ronnie

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Meet Stephen