Leave a lasting legacy

Give the gift of a more promising future for Australia's vulnerable children.

Give vulnerable children the life they deserve

With the help of our supporters, every year Barnardos Australia improves the lives of 14,000 children, young people and their families.

However the sad fact is every day there are over 1300 reports of child abuse and neglect in Australia and almost 46,000 Australian children are unable to live with their parents due to abuse and neglect. (AIHW 20)

That’s why we need you to consider a bequest gift. No matter how big or small it will help to ensure Barnardos has secure and stable funding for vital programs and services for children well into the future.

By writing a few simple lines into your Will, you can help make sure children grow up
in a safe and nurturing home, free from violence and suffering.

strip Children in Australia need your help

Every day in Australia there are over 1300 reports of child abuse and neglect and almost 46,000 children are unable to live with their parents due to abuse and neglect (AIHW 2020).

Why leave a gift
in your will?

Children are at the centre of everything we do. And we can promise you – really promise you – that your gift will make a profound difference to a child’s life. Every day, with your help, through hundreds of programs, we make things better for children and young people who are experiencing very difficult circumstances.

A gift in your will
can change lives

A gift in your Will for Barnardos will be an everlasting investment into the lives of the children and young people with whom we work. It is a gift to the generations of vulnerable children needing Barnardos’ help through the years to come.

We’re here to help!

If you would like to know more about leaving your legacy, please complete the form to get in touch with our Philanthropy Manager

Lorna decided she wanted to help more Australian children

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Lorna's lasting legacy

strip Leaving a gift in your Will

When deciding what to include in your Will, looking after your loved ones is your first priority. If you are considering leaving a gift to Barnardos, thank you. We recommend you discuss your decision with family and loved ones to ensure they support and understand your reasons for choosing to support Barnardos in such a special way. Even a gift of 1% of your estate to Barnardos will protect vulnerable children and ensure your loved ones are still provided for.

A ‘bequest’ is a gift of personal property by Will and the term is associated with all kinds of gifts in Wills.

strip A bequest can be made in a variety of ways

A pecuniary gift

A specific gift of cash

A percentage

You can leave a percentage of either
the residue of your estate, or a percentage
of your entire estate

An asset

This could be land, shares, art or
other personal property

The residue of your estate

The remainder of your estate
after specific gifts have been disbursed

A conditional bequest

In the unlikely event that your beneficiaries
don’t survive you, you may wish to leave your estate to Barnardos

strip The impact of a gift in your Will

Gifts in Wills make up almost one third of the vital funding we receive each year to create brighter futures for vulnerable children. A gift in your will is also known as a “bequest”.

Our wonderful bequestors come from all walks of life, but are united in their desire to support and empower children and young people to reach their potential.



Children young people and their families helped by Barnardos Australia


Children, young people and families were supported through Safety and Prevention programs


Children lived safely in foster and kinship care


Children found families through open adoption (NSW)

strip A family for every child – Jill’s story


Without the love and support of her adoptive mother, Jill doesn’t know where she would be today.

Seventy six years after her adoption, Jill still counts herself as lucky to have been chosen as Margaret Coggan’s daughter. Now well into retirement, Jill has been reflecting on her good fortune and the legacy that she will leave the next generation of children through her a gift in her Will to Barnardos.

Jill’s vision is for every child to have the opportunity to ‘be loved and accepted as part of a family.’
In an era where adoption carried a stigma, Jill felt proud to be Margaret’s daughter. “There was no way that anything could ever harm me with her around,” Jill says of her mother. Margaret, a single woman who ran a post office in the outskirts of London, was 42 when she adopted Jill. She is remembered as a well loved and respected member of her community.

Jill remembers the challenging post-war years and how customers at the Post Office would give Margaret extra ration coupons so that Jill would have plenty to eat. As a family, Margaret and Jill would make decisions together and Jill always felt her voice was valued as a child.

Tragically, Margaret succumbed to bowel cancer when Jill was just eleven years old. Although she never told Jill of her diagnosis, Margaret saved money during her final years so that Jill could attend boarding school after she passed away.

Despite this significant loss, Jill remains deeply grateful for her time with her mother. Jill credits Margaret for her strong sense of social justice. During the war Margaret volunteered with Dr Barnardo’s services in England and was known in the local community for her kindness and generosity. Margaret’s altruism and forward thinking is something that still inspires Jill today.

Leaving a Gift in her Will to Barnardos is a way Jill can keep her mother’s legacy alive and bring hope to a new generation. In Jill’s words, ‘it’s a gift so someone can have a new and wonderful life.

strip Legal advice

We recommend that you seek legal advice to ensure your wishes are properly followed and provide them with the following wording:

I give …. (insert benefit, either residual gift, a percentage or specific gift amount)
to Barnardos Australia, ABN 18 068 557 906.

I declare that the receipt of the secretary, treasurer or other proper officer of the nominated beneficiary will be a full discharge for my trustee who will not be bound to see its application.

Name: Barnardos Australia
ABN: 18 068 557 906
Postal address: GPO Box 9996, Sydney NSW 2001
Registered address: 60-64 Bay Street, Ultimo,NSW 2007

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