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We are dedicated to supporting vulnerable children, young people and their families to recover and thrive. 

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Supporting children and families

Raising children is challenging enough, but when you add the stresses of poverty, homelessness, family violence, mental illness, social isolation and drug and alcohol issues, families can fall apart.

Sadly it is the children who suffer most.

Barnardos endeavor to break the cycle of abuse and neglect by strengthening families who are struggling with lifes significant challenges.


Nurturing skills and confidence


Family Support

We strengthen families to create safe and nurturing home environments where children and young people can grow and thrive

Parenting Support

We give parents the skills and confidence to understand and respond to the needs of their children and cope with the challenges of parenting

Youth Support

We build resilience in young people to deal with life’s challenges. Keeping them engaged and empowered to pursue and achieve their goals

Early Learning and Education

We provide an extensive range of educational services to help children, young people and their families

Helping children and families to thrive

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Accessing your information

At Barnardos, we have a dedicated Aftercare team who provide information services for people who have ever been in the care of Barnardos, and their next of kin. We can also provide you with your historical file information and general counselling. Located at Barnardos Head Office, the team can help you with:

Artboard 76

File material


Birth certificates


Assistance with passports



Referrals to other services

Reunions with former child migrants who arrived in Australia with Barnardos

Support via our active Old Boys and Girls Committee

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