Help protect innocent babies like Daisy*

Your tax deductible donation can help abused children grow up in safety


In Australia, one child dies every two weeks as a result of abuse and neglect.

This is one too many. Children who are suffering from, or who are at risk of abuse and neglect face many challenges in their young lives. They have often been pushed to the edges of society, and their voices are all too rarely heard.

It’s not their fault...

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A lot of the children that come into the care of Barnardos have suffered severe trauma, neglect, emotional and physical abuse and exploitation. With our help, these children are given a second chance at a happy, safe childhood.


Issues facing children in Australia


Children are unable to live with their parents due to abuse and neglect.


Child dies every two weeks from abuse and neglect.


Daily reports of child abuse and neglect.


Children aged 0 - 14 receive specialist homelessness services in a year.


Or 1 in 6 children live in poverty.


Women experience domestic violence with children witnessing the violence.

Your donation matters


Dental work, glasses, nutritional support or speech therapy for children in our care.


Academic support for children at school and at home who have fallen behind so that they can get back on track with their education.


Counselling and specialist therapy for children who have experienced trauma to help them overcome their past and understand that it is not their fault.


Intensive support for families struggling with poverty, homelessness and mental health issues and to prevent abuse and neglect from reoccurring.

Every donation makes a difference


1,713 young people were
supported through our
youth programs


Last year we helped
15,209 children, young people
and families


988 parents and carers
successfully completed
parenting programs


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Our latest appeals

Daisy's* story

Baby Daisy grew up surrounded by neglect, pain, and suffering, much like her mother, Leila*. In her own childhood, Leila endured domestic and family violence, leaving lasting scars.

You can help innocent young victims of abuse grow up in safety and have the best chance for a brighter future.

Max's* story

At age 2, Max was bashed so severely his thigh bone shattered. He needed surgery and therapy to learn how to walk again.

We need your support to continue our life-saving services for abused and neglected children like Max.

Lily's* story

In their short lives, Jasmine* 10 and her seven year old sister, Lily*, have known little of love, comfort or care. They have only known hunger, violence and abuse.

You can be a champion for children like Lily and help protect them from the horrors of abuse and neglect.

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