Every child needs a champion

Barnardos supports vulnerable children to recover and thrive and empowers them reach their full potential.  


About Barnardos

Barnardos Australia is here because every child needs a champion.

We listen, we act, and we advocate for the safety of children at risk of abuse and neglect, providing family support programs and services that empower children to reach their full potential.

When it comes to protecting vulnerable children from abuse, we never give up. Barnardos unites around a child, because they should never have to overcome their challenges alone.

We are dedicated to the prevention of trauma in children, and support families to be the best parents they can be.

We help children to recover and thrive, and we find safe homes for them through foster care and open adoption where there is a risk of abuse.

With your support we can help children at risk of abuse and neglect reach their brightest future.

strip How Barnardos helps

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We reduce child abuse, trauma and neglect by supporting and ensuring families, children and young people can recover and are safe at home
We connect children, young people and families to the community to ensure they never feel isolated or alone
We give children, young people and families the tools to cope with life’s challenges and improve their wellbeing
We motivate children, young people and their families to embrace learning and education so they can reach their brightest future
We amplify the voices of young people to influence Government on the issues that affect their lives
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We celebrate diversity and encourage children, young people and families to embrace their culture, history and identity

strip Our impact

Every year we help thousands of vulnerable children, young people and their families change their lives to achieve a brighter future. 



Children young people and their families helped by Barnardos Australia


Children, young people and families were supported through Safety and Prevention programs


Children lived safely in foster and kinship care


Children found families through open adoption (NSW)

strip Our story

The work of Dr Thomas Barnardo began back in London in 1870 when he opened a home to care for homeless children. One night when the home was full, he had to turn a young boy away and was horrified to find out that the child had died in the bitterly cold streets of London. He vowed to never turn another child away. 

That ethos still drives our organisation to this day, we will always be there to help all children, no matter what.

Because every child needs a champion.

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