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Barnardos Australia's Find-a-Family program finds suitable adoptive families for children who need a new family. We currently have brothers and sisters who desperately need a family to care for them.

If you have ever considered adopting, start your parenting journey with Barnardos. We welcome applications from all single people and couples, including married, defacto and same sex.

Call us today on 1800 663 441 or fill out our adoption enquiry form.

We hold regular adoption information nights - find one in your local area.

At the moment we are struggling to find suitable homes for the following groups of siblings and several boys aged 5-8 years old;


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  • Sally, five months
  • Kent, two years
  • Tilly, three years
  • Laura, two and a half years
  • John, three and a half years
  • Jack, eight years

These children have experienced a lot in their short lives and it's crucial we keep them together. The children need to be placed with permanent carers who will proceed to adoption. You will need to have a lot of time, energy, and the capacity to care for them, and of course lots of love to give them too!
Could you be the forever family for one of these sibling groups?

Please call 1800 663 441 for further information.  We also offer our carers extensive training and 24 hr support.



Sarah, five years

Barnardos Find-a-Family program urgently needs an adoptive family for Sarah.

She enjoys lots of creative activities and adventurous outings. You will get to enjoy Sarah’s wonderful sense of humour and her kind and caring nature. She absolutely loves animals!

Sarah needs parents who are patient and resourceful, with a strong support network. She will thrive with lots of one on one attention, consistent routine and boundaries.



Jordan, 6 years

Jordan is six years old and has experienced a lot of upheaval in his short life and needs parents who are prepared to not give up on him and provide him with the support he needs.

He needs carers who are patient and supportive and able to work through challenges that may arise. His new parents also need to be supportive in keeping him connected to his birth family.

Jordan is just a typical young kid who loves the same things that all active boys enjoy, like playing games and walking the dog.



Jack, 8 years

Jack, eight years old urgently needs a permanent family.

He is a creative, active and intelligent boy who needs a two parent family who can set clear boundaries, provide consistency and be committed to supporting his range of needs. You will get to enjoy Jack's wonderful sense of humour and hunt for lizards in the garden with him.

To enquire about adoption with Barnardos Australia please call our carer enquiry number 1800 663 441
or fill out our adoption enquiry form.

We found our forever family!

Abby, Peter and Frank

Three young children

Abby, 4 years
Peter, 5 years
Frank, 7 years

Three young siblings needed new parents with a lot of energy, time and the capacity to care for these kids and give them lots of love too.

UPDATE! A wonderful couple from South Sydney have welcomed these three siblings into their family.

The children have settled in well and are enjoying different sports, activities and pizza nights. The couple have been able to assist the youngest child with starting school. The family dog is loving the extra attention and hugs.

Barnardos are supporting these carers in their important role providing a safe and secure home for these children.

Tara and Zara

Tara and Zara

Tara, six years
Zara, four years

We're happy to share some wonderful news! Six year old Tara and four year old Zara have found their permanent family after a long time waiting for the right match. The girls have gone from strength to strength due to the loving care they are receiving from their new family. They've settled in well in the Blue Mountains and are enjoying a range of activities including dance and gymnastics.

* Please note: Names changed and models used to protect privacy.

Mitch, Jack, Jerome

Mitch, Jack and Jerome

Mitch, six years
Jack, two years
Jerome, eight months

And new baby Paul*

We found our permanent family!

“Mitch, Jack and Jerome” – and their little brother “Paul*”

*We actually didn’t advertise for a carer for “Paul” who was originally in a separate placement. We were able to find him a permanent carer family with his three brothers.

Although it is extremely difficult to find carers who are able to open their home and hearts to such a large sibling group, we were thrilled to find a couple who had already parented four children between them and were now ready for round two! Whilst the first few months of placement were a whirlwind for everyone, it has been a delight to see these young boys build a bond with not just their new carers, but also with their four adult foster siblings.