Why monthly giving is more important than ever before

Families in crisis

As the cost-of-living continues to soar, more and more Australian families are being plunged further into poverty, struggling to pay for essentials like rent, petrol, utilities, and food.

While times are certainly challenging for many of us, these pressures are pushing already vulnerable families dealing with issues such as mental health, intergenerational trauma, and domestic and family abuse to absolute breaking point.

Tragically, it’s the children who suffer the most with 1 in 4 Australian children being exposed to domestic violence* and a child dying every two weeks as a result of domestic and family violence**.

Research has found that economic insecurity is associated with an increased risk of intimate partner violence and for those that want to leave a violent relationship for their children’s safety, the cost-of-living increases are making it incredibly difficult to do so.

All children deserve to grow up in a safe, stable home with enough to eat and a secure future – but with the escalating poverty crisis, a record number of Australian children are at severe risk every day.

No child should live consumed by fear of violence and with the very real threat of homelessness looming daily. Australia, we need to do everything we can to protect vulnerable children and their families from the devastating impact and trauma of poverty.

Your support has never been so critical.

Become a Barnardos Buddy today

Monthly giving – better for all

We all need to be more mindful of our spending during these challenging times. However, it’s also very important that if we are able, to help struggling parents put food on the table, pay their bills and receive the support they need to provide their children with a safe and secure home. Children need this protection, stability and care so they can reach their full potential in life. And every child deserves that.

When you become a Barnardos Buddy, you become a champion to vulnerable child in need. You walk alongside the most disadvantaged children in Australia, helping to ensure that they receive the vital support and services they need.

Choosing to become a Barnardos Buddy and donating monthly provides many advantages to both our valued Buddies as well Barnardos. It is also one of the most effective ways of supporting vulnerable families and children in need.

Regular Monthly Giving benefits to you:

You will be in full control of your giving ensuring that it is considered, planned and intentional.

  • You select how much to donate each month and can easily change it at any time, depending on your personal budget and circumstances.
  • You will follow the progress of a real girl or boy in our care so you can see first-hand the amazing difference you are making to the life and future of a vulnerable child.
  • You will be kept up-to-date on the life-changing impact your monthly donations have on the lives of other vulnerable children, young people and families.
  • You will feel proud of the decision you have made to be a reliable Buddy to vulnerable children in need, when they need help the most.
  • Monthly giving is quick and easy – every 4 weeks we will automatically debit your nominated amount from your credit card or bank account, ensuring your data is safe and secure.
  • We will send you an annual tax receipt each July so you can claim your tax-deductions.

Become a Barnardos Buddy today and know that you are helping stand by children in desperate need of support.

Benefits of Regular Giving to Barnardos Australia:

There are currently 761,000 Australian families living in poverty in Australia^. That’s 1 in 6 children in every classroom across our nation. And sadly, already 19,400 children under the age of 14 are already living without the safety and security of a home^^.

In addition to this escalating economic crisis, children are also in increased risk of physical harm, with over 1,400 reports of child abuse or neglect on daily basis^^^.

Giving monthly as a Barnardos Buddy is one of the best ways to support our vital work in helping protect and support Australia’s most vulnerable children, and that is because regular giving:

  • Provides Barnardos with a reliable source of income so we can better respond to crisis like Australia’s current cost-of-living crisis.
  • Allows us to reach more families in need, and significantly reduce our administration costs so more funds can be directed to those who need our help.
  • Assists us in effectively and accurately planning ahead, allowing us to invest in long-term solutions, which makes a lasting difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

What impact would monthly giving make?

Your monthly giving will provide life-changing wrap-around support and services to children, young people and families in need such as:

  • Domestic violence emergency escape plans, trauma education and counselling.
  • Crisis accommodation, advocacy and liaison with Centrelink and housing services.
  • Emergency food relief, electricity and gas vouchers, clothing and furniture.
  • Access to professional counselling and art therapy.
  • Tutoring and learning support through Barnardos Homework Clubs.

Become a Barnardos Buddy today


*Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse 2011 -The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children: A Literature Review
**AIHW 2020
^Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) Poverty in Australia 2022
^^Australian Bureau of Statistics Census 2016
^^^AIHW Child Protection 2020-2021


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