The Champions Ride: Spotlight on Penny Hood & Evelina Gutierrez-Hood

I’m Penny Hood, Executive Leader, Children & Families with Barnardos Australia. I’m doing the Champions Ride with my 14-year-old daughter Evelina Gutierrez-Hood (read Evelina’s story below)

At first, I just signed up for myself. However, when I mentioned this to Evelina – and that you could do it as a team – she wanted to be involved. Straight off the bat she thought of our team name – Biker Babes – and wanted to know how soon we could practice and where would we go.

I also saw firsthand how unifying this event was for the organisation last year. People were really committed, and it created a strong sense of camaraderie. I couldn’t do it last year because of my knee replacement and felt like I was missing out!

The Champions Ride unites two of my greatest passions – working with children and their families – and exercise. I want to use the Champions Ride to push my own boundaries and raise valuable funds for kids in need.

For me, any opportunity to go riding is treasured. I have loved the different practice rides we have been on to date – which has been a mix of weekend and weekday evenings. I also appreciate that this is giving me a greater appreciation for my local community.

We are hoping to ride from our place to Coogee beach which is a 36 km round trip. Doing this each weekend in October would get us to our goal of 150kms. Participating in the Champions Ride with my daughter has strengthened our relationship. We’re spending more time together, have something to bond over and I love that this provides us with an opportunity to just be with each other!

Evelina Gutierrez-Hood (Penny’s Daughter)

My name is Evelina Gutierrez-Hood and I am 14 years old. I am doing the Champions Ride to raise money to help kids in need as well as get out in the fresh air and improve my health and fitness.

I love riding in the late morning, especially when it is sunny and warm. I love the fresh morning air and the beaming sun.

Since the actual rides start in October, my mum and I have been preparing by going on smaller bike rides to prepare ourselves for the longer rides we will be doing later on. So far, we have ridden along the Bay Run as well as the Cooks River path.

I am so excited to ride the streets of Sydney with my mum and raise money for all the kids in need. I would also like to thank all the people that have helped by donating and supporting us!

You can find out more or sign up here.


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