New outdoor area – South Coast Children’s Family Centre

Barnardos are super excited to announce that the children’s new outdoor area at South Coast Children’s Family Centre has been officially completed.

The outdoor area is now a natural, calming, relaxing and inviting environment for families and children to reconnect with nature, themselves and others.

Some of the options include water, mud and sand play, gardening, many different options to connect with others and enjoy a picnic, story time and “camp” outside. Feel the grass on their feet, smell the flowers and herbs, feel the water running and their hands getting dirty with mud!

We can’t wait to see what children make out of this space, their imaginative play and the many memories they will create with their families.

Our wish is,

For the playgroup families to feel that this is “their” place, a space to enjoy playing with their children, delighting in them and connecting with other parents.

For children who have family time in this garden, I hope the environment helps them regulate their emotions and supports them in having quality time with their parents and those special to them, creating unique memories for the families in a safe and nurturing environment.

For parents, to feel looked after by the environment, to take a break from the world when coming to Barnardos.

For our staff to use this space as much as possible to have a break but also to have conversations with families sitting under the pear tree on the sandstones benches rather than in a meeting room.

Thanks to the staff, children and families that provided feedback along the way.


Before and during renovations


After renovations


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