Meet Cherie one of our proud Barnardos Buddies

Every donation makes a difference!

Our valued supporters continue to be Barnardos lifeforce. Their generosity allows us to continue our evidence-based programs to keep children safe at home and help those who have experienced abuse to recover and thrive. Recognising the importance of creating stable and reliable funding support for our children, young people and families, we’re so appreciative of the caring Australians who have made the commitment to donate each month to Barnardos through the Barnardos Buddies Regular Giving program.

Cherie is one of our proud Barnardos Buddies.

Cherie joined our regular giving family of Barnardos Buddies in 2014.

What inspired you to become a Barnardos Buddy?
I first came across Barnardos when I began to look for study and work placement opportunities as a part of my Early Childhood University degree. When I saw the great need for foster carers,
I thought I would love to help but I can’t meet that need at the moment. Then I found out that as a Barnardos Buddy I could support children in a really practical way.

Why have you chosen to continue to support Barnardos through regular giving?
Children’s care and safety have always been close to my heart. I have three children of my own, work in the childcare industry and receive regular reports of the amazing work Barnardos do in our local community. I want to help as many children as I can and Barnardos allows me ongoing partnership in doing that.

Why do you think being a Barnardos Buddy is important?
Many children truly think no one cares about them and they don’t feel worthwhile. This small opportunity to be a Barnardos Buddy shows these children that people do care!

Please finish the sentence; “I believe all children…
are valuable and deserve a safe, loving and uplifting place to live and space to grow into all they can be.”



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