Amy finds her Nirvana.

Amy and Ewan McDonald with Nirvana

Amy McDonald is celebrating her first official Mother's Day today after officially adopting daughter Nirvana in June last year.

Mother’s Day was, in the past, a lonely day and a great source of pain, but now “it is a blessing” the 41-year-old said.

“I just feel deep gratitude, she is my soul child, she is our daughter,” she said.

Amy and husband Ewan have been married for 16 years and at 30, their attempts to have a baby were marred by her ill health and endometriosis.

“We tried to conceive but it just didn’t happen and then I got quite ill with chronic fatigue syndrome so I had a full on health journey and endometriosis as well,” she said. But IVF was not something
either wanted to pursue.

“I have nothing against IVF, it’s a path for others, but for us, we decided that there were tens of thousands of children already here in foster care and needing a home, so went from trying to conceive naturally to adoption as our first choice,” she said.

On the 12th of December 2018, Nirvana was fostered by the Figtree couple through the Barnardos Foster to Adopt program.

“After you agree to a match and they tell you about the child, they show you a photo,” Amy said.

“When I met her it was instant love, I imagine if you gave birth, you are instantly in love and it was that same, but when I saw the photo before I met her I felt that as well. The depth of my bond with Nirvana simply a few months in could no longer justify the title of simply being her foster carer, as I felt deeply that I was her mum, and we had become an ever-bonded family.

“When she came home to us she was very open, we let her come to us, she asked me for the cuddles, so that was really special, she just settled in and I feel this family came together that was destined to be together to be honest.”

Nirvana was officially adopted on June 11, 2020.

“She is amazing, she is perfect and the ultimate child for us,” Amy said.

“She is healthy and smart and sweet and kind and cheeky and she has so much charisma and she is so loving. It is beautiful. I feel like I have been waiting for her, I feel she is my soul child and was always meant to be ours. She looks like us, she is our daughter.

“Mother’s Day was always a painful time, but I get to feel the gratitude very deeply now as a consequence, that is the gift I have now, motherhood is such a blessing.

This article first appeared in the Sunday Telegraph

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