Local youth worker Zanette Clements is keen to help kids reach for the stars

Zanette Clements, Reconnect Team Leader for Cobar, Nyngan and Warren, was featured in The Cobar Weekly on her ‘reach for the stars’ attitude and encouragement towards local young people to believe they can do amazing things.

Zanette’s quotes include:

“The Reconnect program is an early intervention program for young people aged 12 to 18 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.”

“We recognise that there are many factors that can contribute to young people being at risk, and we work with the young person to provide appropriate support and strategies to improve circumstances and outcomes for them and their families.”

“I wanted to encourage children and young people, especially in my hometown of Cobar, to reach for the stars and to always believe that they can do amazing things, anything is possible and that yes, sometimes it is hard growing up and working out what you want for yourself, but if you have community and people that believe in you, you can truly achieve your goals, whatever that may be.”

“A young person will eventually open up and more than likely, there is more to their story.”

Read the full article here

This article first appeared in The Cobar Weekly.

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