Jill’s story – paying it forward to help more children

“We never give up” is at the heart of everything we do at Barnardos.

We never give up on supporting vulnerable children, young people and families. We walk beside them on their journey for as long as it takes. We recognise the challenges they face and we use our shared wisdom and experience to care for, protect and empower them to reach their full potential.

There’s one powerful way to ensure that we continue to have the resources so we never have to give up – that’s to include a gift to Barnardos in your Will. This week is “Include A Charity Week”, a social change campaign raising awareness of the massive difference made by everyday people including a charitable gift in their Will. Big-hearted people like Jill.

Jill’s life was changed by Barnardos over 70 years ago. Now, she’s about to change more children’s lives to give them a brighter future.


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Jill doesn’t know where she’d be today without her adoptive mother Margaret’s big heart.  Margaret, a single woman in her 40s, adopted Jill when she was just 3 weeks old. A well-loved and respected member of her local community, Margaret had volunteered during the war with Dr Barnardos Services in London.

Jill always felt valued and loved by her mother.  “There was no way that anything could ever harm me with mum around”, she says.

Tragically, when Jill was eleven years old, Margaret died from bowel cancer.  Jill remains deeply grateful for her short time with her mother.  Margaret never gave up on Jill despite the hardships she faced as a single parent in the 1950s and fighting a terminal illness.  And Jill will never give up on bringing hope to a new generation.

That’s why she is leaving a gift to Barnardos in her Will.  Her big heart will keep her mother’s legacy alive by giving the opportunity for another child “to be loved and accepted as part of a family”, just like she was.

Jill has made her Will about her life and the values she holds dear. Your Will can do the same by not only offering a wonderful opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of your loved ones, but by having a long-term impact on the world they live in. By leaving a gift to Barnardos, you will be instrumental in changing the lives of children and young people that need it the most. For more information, click here.


Your guide to leaving a Gift in Will

Many people find it difficult to talk with their family about their Will, particularly if it includes a charitable gift. Knowing how or when to raise it with them can also be challenging, but it’s a really important conversation to have.

That’s why we would like to provide you with a free information booklet from Include A Charity to guide you through the process of speaking to your nearest and dearest about your legacy, in the right way, at the right time.


It’s time to make your mark on the world while keeping your family informed and involved. Your Will should be your will – what you want to happen. Why not discuss it with your family, so when the time comes, your wishes will be followed in the way you intended?

To find out more, click here or contact our Bequests Manager, Kingsley Edwards, by phone on (02) 9218 2311 or by email at


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