British Child Migrants Payment Scheme

Barnardos Australia has welcomed the announcement of the UK government that it will establish an ex-gratia payment scheme for former British child migrants. The scheme will be payable to all former British child migrants, regardless of whether they suffered abuse, in recognition of what was found to be the “fundamentally flawed” nature of historic child migration programs and is in line with the recommendation of the UK’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Who is eligible?

UK Government has agreed to pay ALL former Child Migrants £20,000 (approximately $36,000).

The Scheme is open to former child migrants who were alive on 1 March 2018 or to beneficiaries of former child migrants who have died since 1 March 2018 (this will be paid through the Executor of the Estate).


All Australian applications will be co-ordinated by the Child Migrants Trust.

Applications can be accepted from 1 March 2019 and the scheme will remain open for 2 years.

The Child Migrants Trust will put the application form and the process on their website (

Contact details for Child Migrants Trust Inc

Ph: (03) 9815 2022
Free Phone: 1800 04 05 09

Barnardos Australia is in the process of reaching out to former British child migrants who may be eligible for the scheme which will be managed by the UK’s Child Migrants Trust. For further inquiries please contact


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