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We believe in children.

Professional Development

Barnardos Australia's committed training and professional development team (Learning and Capability) are dedicated to ensuring case workers are equipped to work to the highest standard, through the facilitation of practice-based training and support to caseworkers and managers in child welfare agencies.

Cultural Identity Training - Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

Our Cultural Identity Training is a one day workshop which provides an essential opportunity for practitioners to gain greater insights and learn constructive and culturally sensitive ways to work with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

For the Record Training

For The Record is an evolution of the Best Practice File Notes training package delivered in previous years. This course is targeted towards all staff who are participating in record keeping for children, young people and families. Whether you are new to the sector or have a wealth of experience, this course will provide a supportive peer learning environment to improve our record keeping ability. You are the authors of someone’s journey through receiving support from our organisation and it’s your responsibility to write that story professionally, objectively and with empathy.

For The Record will explore the concepts of Worldview, the power of language, writing with legal requirements in mind, strengths-based practice and the things care leavers want to see in their stories.

Guided Practice

We believe in supporting case workers’ guided-practice. We offer training in our guided practice software systems SCARF and MyStory.
A guided practice approach establishes a common framework, language and clear work practice standards for social workers. The Barnardos Practice Software team have developed two case management systems, MyStory and SCARF (Supporting Children and Responding to Families) to support guided practice for caseworkers.

MyStory enhances the work of The LAC Project Australia (Looking After Children) and SCARF Australia (Supporting Children and Responding to Families), joint ventures of Barnardos Australia, the School of Social Work, University of New South Wales and principal researcher Elizabeth Fernandez.

MyStory, integrates and enhances existing LAC and SCARF systems to bring the welfare sector next-generation technology in child and family case management.


MyStory is a guided practice tool for practitioners in out of home care. It supports workers through streamlined case work processes and a guided-practice approach to ensure children, youth, families, carers and multiple agencies can work together to achieve positive outcomes.

Available Training:

  • Best Practice MyStory training for OOHC workers
  • MyStory technical competency and hands on training – Referral and Registration
  • MyStory technical competency and hands on training – Carer Management
  • Customised agency training (including refresher training)


The Supporting Children and Responding to Families (SCARF) model aims to meet an individual child's needs by strengthening and connecting families to their communities. The model offers comprehensive assessment and planning tools alongside guidance in making professional judgements.

Available training:

  • Best Practice SCARF training - incorporating e-SCARF training
  • e-SCARF technical competency and hands on training
  • Reflective Practice sessions
  • Customised agency training (including refresher training)

SCARF training is only available to existing SCARF users. Please contact the workplace Learning and Capability team on 02 9218 2343 to arrange a customised training session to meet your needs.

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