The Barnardos Find-a-Family program in NSW and the ACT offers permanent family care and adoption to children in the age range 0-12 years (at entry to the program). These children have been permanently separated from their birth families by the court because it is not safe for them to remain at home.

We have a strong focus on permanency planning but also place emphasis on maintaining birth family relationships, which are important to children who are in care.

We believe that children who enter the care system have a right to the same opportunities and safeguards as children who remain with their birth families. Adoption is the only option that offers a complete commitment to a child - one that lasts beyond adolescence and throughout adulthood.

Careful consideration of the individual child’s needs (from a  holistic perspective) is made to ensure that the child’s needs are able to be met by the potential carers.  Additional supports, where needed are considered based on the individual child’s circumstances. 

To find out more about becoming a long-term foster carer please see our Become a Carer page.