Terms & Conditions

Barnardos Volunteer Conduct:

I agree to cooperate with Barnardos Australia whilst engaged in volunteering activities. I agree to perform duties effectively, impartially and with professionalism. To comply with all safety, security and other procedures notified to it by Barnardos Australia while on any Barnardos Australia site. I will follow all reasonable instructions of the Barnardos Staff member for which I will be working with for the duration of my volunteer shift.

Barnardos Australia agrees to provide the volunteer with information, direction and any other assistance; including expectations, timeframes, data, resource and materials as may be reasonable required by the Volunteer.

I am aware that once rostered on to a volunteer shift with Barnardos that I have committed to attending that shift. I will provide Barnardos Australia with at least 3 working days warning if I am unable to attend my rostered shift. I understand if I fail to provide adequate notification, I will be risking future opportunities to Volunteer with Barnardos Australia.

Confidentiality Agreement:

I agree to not disclose any of Barnardos Australia commercial, confidential or sensitive information to any person. This includes information in relation to commercial contracts, policies, strategies, procedural and financial matters, intellectual property and copyright and private information about Barnardos Australia personnel or other volunteers. I hereby assign all rights, title and interest in any intellectual property rights in the deliverables to Barnardos Australia.

Media Agreement:

I consent to being photographed and or filmed and have that content used to promote the work and activities of Barnardos Australia. I understand that my image may be reproduced in Barnardos Australia publications and promotional materials and that no claim, monetary or otherwise may be made on Barnardos Australia or th publishers for the use of my image.

Privacy Statement:

I understand that Barnardos Australia may collect information about me regulated by the Privacy Act 1988. This includes information collected via this volunteer agreement form. I consent to the collection of this information to enable my registration and participation as a volunteer with Barnardos Australia as well as direct marketing in relation to donations, products, services, campaigns and events. Barnardos Australia will act in accordance with the Barnardos Australia Privacy Policy to collect and manage my personal information. Please refer to our full Barnardos Australia Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or complaints related to the way your information is stored or used you may contact our Privacy Officer on (02) 9218 2450 or email  privacy@barnardos.org.au