When children and young people live with Barnardos carers

We want children and young people to be happy and safe and to be themselves.
We want young people to feel that their lives are okay and that they belong.
We know education, being healthy and getting a job are important. We will help young people do their best.
We will explain any rules and be fair if you are living in our care.
Barnardos carers do not smack or stop you from seeing your family if you do something wrong.

Barnardos works within the Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care.

Barnardos supports the CREATE Foundation for children and young people in care.

Barnardos Australia wants all children to live in caring families and communities. We are run by an independent Board and are not part of any religious or government body.

At Barnardos

  • We put children and young people first
  • We want your family to be strong
  • We will treat you with respect
  • We value your knowledge
  • We want justice for you
  • We don’t give up if things are difficult
  • We can be trusted
Our workers come from many backgrounds so please tell us if you would like to work with someone from your background. Police and other character checks are undertaken for staff working with children.

We work to keep children, young people and families safe

Barnardos will work with you on your problems, give you information and help you. We aim to build on your strengths and give you practical support and hope. For families, we use the ”Supporting Children and Responding to Families” (SCARF) forms to make sure we look at all the things that are important for children. You help us fill these forms out and we give you a copy.

Barnardos respects the way your family likes to do things and what you believe in. We protect your legal rights to privacy.

Listening to you

Barnardos Australia upholds the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.

If you are worried about anything at all, please tell us. We want to do our job well. We will not stop helping you if you complain. That is your right.

Talk to your case/program manager about your concerns, otherwise you can contact your Barnardos centre manager. If the matter is still not resolved to your satisfaction then you may contact the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Barnardos Australia: complaints@barnardos.org.au. All complaints will be taken seriously and we will tell you the results and your rights. Sometimes information about you and your family is used by university researchers to help other, but we will not use your name of identify you.

If you would like to contact us please call:

Sydney (02) 9218 2455 or email complaints@barnardos.org.au

Canberra (02) 6214 5466 or email canberra@barnardos.org.au