New Mt Druitt Project video featuring our Penrith Youth Support Team

Department of Communities and Justice have just released this video highlighting the successful Universal Screening and Supports (USS) Pilot at Mount Druitt and featuring Barnardos vital work with local young people and their families.

The Mount Druitt Project does a survey with 4 local high schools at the beginning of the year and screens in children at risk of homelessness, at risk of mental health issues and at risk of school disengagement.

Barnardos workers then meet with these families and hear from these children and talk to the schools to identify how we can support them. The project also applies a cultural lens to help break down barriers and get young people back into education.

The video features our fabulous workers from Barnardos Penrith Youth Support team, Amy Hawkes (Program Manager), Tano D’urso (Youth and Family Caseworker) and Hayley Murti (Senior Youth worker).


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