Barnardos lunch committee (left to right): Steph Conley, Dana Finger, Carla Farah, Nicole O'Neil, Phoebe Malouf, Kim Medich and Marly Boyd.

Helping hands for kids

It's a little more than your average mothers group picnic in the park, that's for sure! A small group of well-connected and well-heeled mums put on a lunch at The Centennial Hotel last Friday to raise money for Barnardos Australia.

The group, including Real Housewife of Sydney Nicole O'Neil, Phoebe Malouf, Kim Medich, Marly Boyd, Dana Finger, Carla Farah and Steph Conley, have been organising the lunch for Barnardos - the child protection charity that provides foster homes, financial assistance and care for abused children - for five years. They have raised more than $300,000.

Last week's lunch, with spring blooms, had other high-profile guests including Deborah Hut ton, Krissy Marsh, Lara Pitt and Hoda Waterhouse, with each guest taking home a copy of Conley's At Home with The Hostess cookbook.

But it wasn't just about showing off Louboutin heels and Chanel handbags. Fashion designer and Barnardos Ambassador Heidi Middleton spoke of Jack and Ben, who have found a permanent family, after the police were called when their dad threatened to slit their mother's throat. Middleton urged guests to dig deep "so children like Jack and Ben can heal from this heartbreaking abuse".

They have raised more than $300,000.

(This article first appeared in the Wentworth Courier).