Barnardos believes it’s time to address the costly social and economic consequences of terminating care at 18 years. Every year an estimated 3,000 young people leave state care across Australia. Many of these young people experience poor life outcomes: 50% will end up either homeless, in jail or a new parent within the first 12 months of leaving state care.

Barnardos is proud to support the Home Stretch Symposium, The Home Stretch - which brings together policy developers, stakeholders and implementers to explore and discuss the challenges and complexities associated with introducing the policy of extending care to 21 years. These discussions will be informed by international and national experts in this policy area.

ABC Online News:

Charity groups call for children to stay in foster care till 21

More than 140 charity groups are calling for all state governments to allow children placed in foster care to stay once when they turn 18.

A national conference in Sydney will hear that if the age of leaving out of home care was extended from 18 until 21 then young people would have a better chance of finding a job and a home.

Statistics produced by Deloitte show that 3,000 children leave foster care in Australia each year and many end up homeless, unemployed, in jail or facing a mental illness.

(This article first appeared on ABC Online)

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