Barnardos charity aims to find three sisters a loving home

A leading child welfare charity has pleaded for foster carers who can look after three Sydney-based sisters

The three girls, aged five, eight and 11, were ordered into care by a court, and are among several sibling groups who need to be looked after.

Barnados is also keen to hear from prospective carers able to look after toddlers on a short-term basis while the agency looks for a more permanent home.

However, Barnardos operations manager Lisa Velockovich said: “We welcome anyone who wants to be a foster carer to contact us, including those who would like to adopt. There is always a need for carers.”

Blue Mountains residents Ray and Leisa Davies started off as foster carers of three siblings under the age of three before becoming their adoptive parents.

Seven years since the couple became an instant family of five, the pair say they could not imagine life without Rowan, 7, Coopah, 9, and Shaelee, 10.

The Davies approached Barnados after a decade of failed IVF attempts.

The couple were given the option to take on the three young children after some training, with the door open to adoption.
Mr Davies said the greatest thing had been watching the children thrive.

“Coopah wants to be a millionaire with a maid, while Rowan would be happy doing that involved cars. Shaelee is in to her books and reading, and they all love playing musical instruments,” he said.

“There were hoops to go through to adopt them, and it can be daunting and stressful, but you just take one day at a time.”

“Some things they do just take your breath away, like the time they gave me a card with ‘thank you for being my dad’ written on it.

“That really touched me.”

Barnardos offers $1350 per fortnight to care for a child on short-term care basis.

(This article was first published in the The Daily Telegraph, written by Linda Silmalis.)