Lost time capsule discovery amazes family services team

BURYING a time capsule in 1995, Barnardos staff intended for it to be found in 2005 but only stumbled across it by accident recently - some 23 years later.

Centre Manager Mary Haiek said the time capsule was found in a disused storage shed.

“We are guessing the time capsule emerged from its burial place during a storm a couple of years later and probably, along with some other debris, was collected by someone not knowing what it was and put in the storage shed for later sorting,” she said.

“But of course, that never happened until now.”

Mary said staff were very excited about the find, with the now CEO Deirdre Cheers in some of the photographs as a frontline staff worker in 1995.

“Deirdre is helping us sort through lots of information contained in the time capsule such as information about our programs, our newsletter, lots of photos and of course, our priorities at the time, like listening to the children and keeping them safe, which haven’t changed,” she said.

Established for more than 43 years, Barnardos offer family and childcare services, with Mary saying the plan is now to create a whole new time capsule to bury for posterity with some of the historic details as well as their modern information and success stories.

(This article was first published in the Auburn Review)

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