Kingsley Edwards talks about the importance of bequests for Include a Charity Week 2021

Hello, I’m Kingsley Edwards, Bequests Manager at Barnardos Australia. For over 20 years I happily worked as an insurance broker, but as time went by, I began to feel more and more like something was missing. I thought to myself, “what if I could use the skills I’ve developed in a more meaningful way?” So I moved to the charity sector and it was only natural that as a parent I would be drawn to an organisation like Barnardos Australia, whose focus is to support children to reach their brightest future.

I have been very fortunate to raise my two teenage boys in a safe and loving home where they can develop into young adults who have every chance to fulfil their potential. Sadly, there are many abused and neglected children in Australia who are denied these same rights. That is why I work at Barnardos. I passionately believe that every child needs a champion – someone who can make a difference to their life.

In my role as Bequests Manager, I feel privileged to talk to people every day who are more than a champion for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. I consider each and every one to be a legend because they have included Barnardos in their Will. This one legendary act leads to a legacy of hope and a lasting impact on children who have had a tough start to life.

When we think of Australian legends, we think of people like Sir Donald Bradman and Dame Joan Sutherland, Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith and Nancy Bird Walton, Bennelong and Barangaroo. But there are plenty of ordinary Australians who are also legends – kind, caring and compassionate men and women, who make a difference by leaving a charitable gift in their Will.

This week is Include A Charity Week, an initiative to raise awareness among Australians about leaving a charitable gift in their Will. I invite you to take up the challenge of becoming a legend by considering to leave a gift in your Will to Barnardos Australia.

Why not request some information on gifts in wills by contacting us here or complete a short quiz here that will help you discover what kind of legend you are?

Together we can make a lasting difference to the lives of vulnerable children.


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