Harmony Day celebrations

Harmony Day at Canberra Children’s Family Centre

Office Administrator Tegan Gilliland describes the day below:

“The Canberra Centre celebrated Harmony Day yesterday with a morning tea for our staff. Our centre works with families and has a range of staff from across many different cultures. We talked about how different cultures raise families and traditions. Some of the foods we had ranged from Greek, Asian, Scottish, Turkish and English.

Harmony Day is a time for everyone to celebrate the enormous benefits of multiculturalism. The day recognises the importance of cultural respect, participation, and inclusiveness for everyone who calls Australia home.”

Harmony Day with HIPPY Wellington

HIPPY Coordinator, Hayley Lambourn shares their activities for the day:

“HIPPY Wellington held a parent group and celebrated Harmony Day by making a tree out of handprints that they decorated.”

HIPPY is a two-year, home-based, early learning and parenting program. It provides a structured education focused program which lays the foundations for success at school and empowers parents to be their child’s first teacher. Parents delivery the education packs to their child with the support of their HIPPY tutor.

Harmony Lunch at Auburn Children’s Family Centre

Centre Manager, Grace Wong says:

“Happy Harmony Day from Auburn!

Harmony Day is about celebrating cultural diversity. And you can’t celebrate cultural diversity without food! Today at Auburn, we all brought a plate of food to represent our own cultural identity. We had a great time talking to each other about how we would cook that food at home, and where we could get that food from the restaurants or the shops.

Apart from food, music is probably the next best thing that brings people together. Fadi surprised us all with a drumming performance! The whole room lit off with some awesome dancing from our Transitional Accommodation Program (TAP) staff. What a show that was!

We are now full with food, entertainment and laughter. I hope your Harmony Day was as good as ours :)”


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