Frequently asked questions about our Barnardos Gifts for Kids Christmas Appeal.

What is Barnardos Gifts for Kids?

Gifts for Kids is an annual appeal run by Barnardos Australia, with the aim to deliver at least one Christmas gift to over 10,000 children and young people that are in our services and care. This initiative invites organisations, schools, community groups and individuals to donate cash and gifts online or to fundraise on our behalf. If you would like to fundraise, please contact Barnardos on the details provided so we can issue you with an ‘authority to fundraise ID’. All donations help Barnardos Australia provide critical and practical support for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children, young people and families during the holiday period.

Why support Barnardos Gifts for Kids?

For many kids, the festive season is not a time of happiness or celebration. Sadly many never get to experience this as a family gathering, let alone the joy of receiving and unwrapping a present. By supporting Barnardos Gifts for Kids, you will be sharing in the true spirit of the festive season, the joy of giving. By helping to make this time of year a special celebration for children and young people in our care, the simple act of giving makes a difference to those that are in disadvantaged communities. Children and young people facing homelessness, poverty, neglect and abuse need your help.

What can I donate?

In 2020, our annual Gifts for Kids campaign is going online. It’s been a tough year for children and families and we know that supporters of this campaign will want to help more than ever. The good news is you can bring a big smile to a child’s face this Christmas through our amazing online platform or by making a donation. The delivery of gifts to our centres will follow the highest levels of COVID-19 safety. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you will support this year’s campaign.

How do I get involved in Barnardos Gifts for Kids?

There are two ways to become involved:

  • Choose a gift online
  • Make a donation

Our preferred option is Number 1. By choosing a gift online, this ensures that the gift you choose goes to the centre and program that has made that particular request. All gifts online have been pre-selected by our Centre Managers, they know our kids the best!

When is Gifts for Kids on?

The appeal runs from now until Thursday 24 December 2020. Our aim is to have the majority of our deliveries take place through December. However, deliveries will commence to our centres from mid November.

How do I know what gifts to donate?

The gifts available online are selected by our Centre Managers for the kids in our care. Please exclude plush toys, toy guns, knives and swords (due to safety reasons).

Why do you prefer me to donate gifts and cash online?

By donating cash online, you are enabling us to buy the gifts our Centre Managers have requested. It also allows us to purchase vouchers that can be used throughout the year for special events, like birthdays or special achievements at school or in sport. It also means that we can maximise the number of children we can support. The online gifts are pre-selected by our centres, and this also helps minimise our costs of sorting, packing and delivering the gifts from our storage facility. By purchasing gifts online, they are shipped directly to the centre by our partner, Simply Giving.

Where can I get further information?

You can contact our Gifts for Kids team at email or call 02 9218 2417.