Children who are suffering from, or who are at risk of abuse and neglect face many challenges in their young lives. They have often been pushed to the edges of society, and their voices are all too rarely heard.

How your support helps.

Your support helps Barnardos to change lives for the better and give these children a brighter future. Everything we achieve for our children is down to the kindness and generosity of people like you. There are so many ways in which your generous donations can be utilised, for example your support can provide:

  • Counselling and specialist therapy for children who have experienced trauma to help them overcome their past and understand that it is not their fault.
  • Intensive support to families who are struggling with poverty, homelessness and mental health issues to prevent abuse and neglect from occurring in the first place.
  • Dental work, glasses, nutritional support or speech therapy for children in our care. Children who have experienced abuse and neglect often have health problems as their health has not taken priority.
  • Academic support for children at school and at home who have fallen behind so that they can get back on track with their education.
  • Little essentials such as school uniforms, toys and books to help children settle into their new home and environment. Often these children have sadly not had belongings to call their own before.
  • Recruitment, training and supporting carers is a big part of Barnardos work. These dedicated people are often the first step in the transition to a better life for children who have suffered abuse and neglect. Our carers have our support day and night.

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