Salis Supporter

When restaurateurs Greg Anderson and Patricia Corban-Nunes decided to host a charity dinner for Barnardos Australia they saw it as an opportunity to help - to bring some security, joy and hope to the lives of Australian children in desperate need now.

That gives us the perfect opportunity to recognise their wonderful generosity by making them our Star Supports this month!

Patricia and Greg are the proud owners of Sails Restaurant in Sydney and thought a charity dinner would be a great way to do something positive and practical. The dinner certainly did that, raising $31,000 for Barnardos to help neglected and abused children.

We asked them why they felt the need to help out. In their own words, this is why -

"Being parents of young children, ages 3 and 4 has bought both my husband and I an awareness of how vulnerable and incredibly innocent children are.

It is heartbreaking to know that some children are already disadvantaged at such an early stage of their lives, some are even babies. It is appalling to turn our backs on children that have no one to turn to.

I started paying more attention to news and events that related to abuse or neglect of children, as for us it was imaginable. Until we had children we were living in our own little bubble. Of course we heard about it in the past, but thought it was one case here and there. Once we were aware of the alarming statistics, we realised how many kids are in desperate need of help and we decided to put our hands up and try to help in any way we could.

We had been to Charity Fundraisers in the past and have also donated many vouchers from our restaurant to charities. Quite often we didn’t feel that strongly about these particular charities and in some cases only a small percentage of money raised would actually make it to the charity.

We decided we had a vehicle (our restaurant Sails on Lavender Bay) that would allow us to donate every dollar raised to our charity of choice. Instead of donating vouchers to other charities and having only a partial amount actually reaching the charity, we decided to have our own annual Barnardos Spring Charity Event. We held our first event in 2012, raising $33,000, and are very proud to say we donate every dollar raised on the night to Barnardos.

We got to know a little more about Barnardos and the wonderful work they did. Barnardos is a charity we believe in and a cause that we feel strongly about and if we can help even one child that is in distress to have a “normal’ nurturing childhood, than our job is done.

We feel that if everyone helps a little bit, we will all benefit in the future. We always comment how wonderful it would be if we are at least helping one child change their life.

It is amazing how good it feels to give."