Barnardos Buddies Sponsorship FAQs

What is Barnardos Buddies child sponsorship? 

As a child sponsor you will follow the progress of a real child or young person who represents thousands of others receiving support from Barnardos programs. You will hear about the real events in their life and the real issues they face. You’ll receive updates from their Barnardos case worker showing you how your generosity is changing their young life.

How do I become a Barnardos Buddies child sponsor?

You can sign up here or call our dedicated Donor Services Team on 1800 061 000.

What will I receive as a Barnardos Buddies child sponsor? 

Once you sign up, keep an eye on the post as you will receive a welcome pack with information about your sponsored child and something special they have made for you. (To protect the privacy of each child we can't share real names or real photos). We’ll then send you regular feedback from your child and their case worker to you, so you can follow their journey and see how you are positively impacting their young life. 

How much does it cost to become a child sponsor? 

Sponsorship costs $30 a month – that’s just $1 a day!

What if I cannot afford that monthly? 

Not everyone can make a commitment of $30 monthly, however if you would still like to make a regular donation, our Barnardos Children’s Champion’s program has no minimum monthly amount. You will still be helping Australian children in need of protection and receive updates from our programs and how your gifts are changing young lives.

What are the payment options? 

Your monthly contributions can be deducted from either your nominated credit card or bank account via direct debit. Gifts will be deducted on the third Wednesday of each month.

Can I choose my Barnardos child? 

No, unfortunately not. You will be paired with one of the carefully selected children in need of your help when you sign up. The children Barnardos work with all need our protection to deal with the challenges they are facing in their lives. So, you'll also understand why we also use no photos of them and no real names.

How long does my support as a child sponsor last? 

Children and young people turn to Barnardos for help and we never give up on them. We ask you to stick with your Barnardos child as they transform their life. This could take time and we hope your commitment will last as long as possible.

Do my gifts go directly to my Barnardos child? 

You will receive updates about one real child who is receiving help from Barnardos, however your gifts will support all the vulnerable children in our programs, so no one child is singled out for special treatment. While you will hear directly from your sponsor child, your child represents thousands of other children in our programs. Your generous gifts will be directed to where the greatest need is for the children in our care allowing you to have the greatest impact for all Australian children.

What happens if my child leaves the program? 

There is a chance that your child could leave the program. For example, they may be adopted, move home or their situation may change for a number of reasons. If this happens, we will let you know and introduce you to a new child who wants to share their story. 

What happens if I cannot continue as a child sponsor? 

If your circumstances change and you are no longer in a position to help, please call our Supporter Care Team on 1800 061 000, as there are other ways you can help that don't require the same level of commitment.

Can I write to my Barnardos child? 

Yes, Barnardos will provide you with an opportunity over the coming months to write to your sponsor child. We also encourage you to send letters throughout the year. These children have stepped forward to be part of this program and to help other children like them. Knowing that someone they have never met cares enough to invest in their future gives these children hope. All correspondence is exchanged through Barnardos Australia to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Can I visit my Barnardos child? 

No, to protect the privacy of the children in our programs you will not be able to visit your sponsor child.

I have a question that has not been covered here, how can I get in touch? 

We're always happy to hear from you, so please do feel free to call our Donor Services Team on 1800 061 000 or email

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