Barnardos Australia foster carers share their experience.

Please watch the videos below of our wonderful foster carers who share their stories and talk about their experiences. We will be adding more videos in the future, so check back soon!

1. Meet Rochelle and Jason Johnston - Barnardos Australia Crisis Foster Carers

Rochelle and Jason Johnston talk about their experience as Crisis Foster Carers. Over the last four years they have cared for 9 babies and toddlers who were unable to stay safely with their birth family.

2. Meet Michelle - Barnardos Australia Temporary Foster Carer

She is one of our amazing foster carers who has provided care for six babies.

3. Meet Robyn and Peter Haigh - Barnardos Intake Foster Carers

Robyn and Peter Haigh talk about their experience with fostering and the importance of feeling at home.

4. Meet Kulander, Permanent Foster Carer

Kulander is a foster dad of 6 years to a 13 year old boy. He talks about their journey together and the difference his foster son has made to his life.

5. Lilla's Story: Barnardos Open Adoption

Meet Lilla and her family. Six year old Lilla was adopted by her Mums as a baby through Barnardos. Thanks to Jacqueline, Mary Anne and Lilla for sharing their family story with us.

6. Brendan, Paul, Aidan and Kaleb talk about becoming a family through open-adoption

If you would like to speak to someone about becoming a foster carer, please call 1800 663 441 or fill out our online enquiry form