Barnardos is going green…er! 💚

Barnardos is going solar! Our Head Office in Ultimo, and our Penrith and South Coast centres now have solar, reducing their energy cost, our carbon footprint and helping us on our pathway to net zero which is a commitment we have signed up to through the CitySwitch program. This solar initiative is all at no cost to the organisation thanks to a grant from the City of Sydney and partnership with Pingala for Head Office, funding through revolving funds COREM for Penrith, and CORENA for South Coast. We will continue getting solar on our centres across Barnardos.

The bigger picture here is about working towards building resilience and sustainability into Barnardos, renewable energy saves us money, reduces our carbon footprint, and demonstrates an actionable contribution to achieving decarbonisation which is essential for a livable planet for the generations to come. – Peta, Head of Data Operations & Donor Analytics

Check out this video which captures our sustainability initiatives update.


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