Barnardos CEO Deirdre Cheers and Dr Rob present at EUSARF 2023

Last week our Barnardos Australia CEO Deirdre Cheers and Head of Knowledge, Outcomes and Research, Dr Robert Urquhart presented at the EuSARF 2023 conference at the University of Sussex (UK).

The European Scientific Association on Residential and Family Care for Children and Adolescents (EuSARF) is a body of researchers focusing on child welfare and protection. The EuSARF board consists of 22 members from 15 European countries and Israel, the United States of America and Canada.

Their presentations “Strengthening practice for children and young people in care – Using our Practice Framework to safeguard child rights” and “Working with evidence in practice to recognise and reduce disadvantage: A collaborative approach to design and implementation of Barnardos Australia’s Outcomes Framework” are available below.

Thanks go to Fiona, Bryce, Matt, Mel, Zvez, Liz, Emma, Matthew, Alana and all our wonderful Beta practitioners and families for their insights and brilliant contributions.

Its so wonderful to see Barnardos sharing our knowledge about how we help children to recover and thrive on the world stage!


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