Our vision

All children and young people have caring families in which they can grow safely and fulfil their potential. Families, children and young people are valued and supported by quality services and engaged communities.

Our mission

Barnardos Australia builds relationships between children, young people, their families and the community. We advocate for children and young people and contribute to community knowledge about their issues.

Our values

  • Keep the child and young person central
    Children and young people are our focus and must always be safe from abuse, neglect, homelessness and reach their full potential. We recognise their critical need for stable, ongoing relationships and their right to be heard and contribute to decisions about their lives
  • Strengthen families
    We believe in the importance of family for children and young people’s development. We support the least intrusive intervention in family life consistent with a child or young person’s safety and well being.
  • Pursue social justice
    Our work is informed by research and evidence about the ongoing damage to children’s development caused by serious disadvantage such as poverty and racism. We work with the most vulnerable children to bring them to community standard of life. We acknowledge the inter-generational transfer of inequity.
  • Be persistent for change
    When working for individual children and young people, we don’t give up. We confront challenges and aim to make a difference in the community’s response to children’s needs. We understand that change may be difficult but we must pursue those changes that are important for individuals or groups of children.
  • Take responsibility
    Workers, managers, volunteers and Board members take their work seriously and realise the impact of their work for the long-term well being of individual children and young people as well as the agency. We are committed to professional standards and personal responsibility and accountability for our work and actions.
  • Relate respectfully
    We recognise the need for open and honest communication with children, young people and their families. We acknowledge and respect cultural differences. We aim for positive relationships between carers, partner agencies, volunteers, Board and employees.

You can view and download our Strategic Directions 2017 - 2020.