Meet Max and Layla

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The level of violence that Max and his sister had experienced was truly frightening

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Meet Max and Layla

In every Australian state, every day, little children are being bashed, battered and broken by the people they should be able to trust.

Sadly, this was the case for two-year-old Max and four-year-old Layla, who were violently assaulted by their mum’s partner. After an argument with their mum, her partner went on a violent rampage
punching Layla in the face and repeatedly thumping Max in the legs, then picking him up and throwing him with full force against a wall.

The children’s injuries were truly horrific. As well as bruising and cuts all over his face, Max had a shattered leg. Layla had a black eye and a swollen face.

This was just the latest in a string of different hospital admissions that their mother and her partner had gone to great lengths to pass off as accidents, even telling doctors they had been in a car accident.

Hospital staff, concerned about the safety of the children, called the Department of Community Services. Due to the seriousness of the injuries and these children being known to the department, Barnardos was immediately called in to help.

Both children needed to be treated for their injuries, Max’s leg was so badly broken that he required surgery and spent weeks in hospital in traction, unable to get out of bed or move around. His time was spent either in pain from his injuries or groggy from the pain relief. This little boy would need to learn to walk all over again.

But the impact of this kind of abuse is more than just physical and children who’ve suffered like Max and Layla need more than just a safe home in order to recover. We need your help to ensure these children receive the ongoing patience, therapeutic care and the support of people who truly understand how to help them.

The difference between today and tomorrow could be the difference between life and death
for other children like them.

* Please note: Names changed and models used to protect privacy.