The link between domestic homelessness and DFV

Lack of affordable housing is a huge problem for children and families escaping domestic and family violence.

Domestic violence victim-survivor and mother, Tegan, shares her experience on how the lack of affordable housing has impacted her children and herself.

“When I left the relationship, I was in contact with a service that was supposed to help me with housing however it was taking too long.

I was going through Family Court proceedings they were using the fact that I was living with my parents as an excuse to have my children removed from my care, it never stood up in court, but it was heartbreaking and frustrating to think that there was meant to be this service in place, but there were actually no houses available for us to go and live in.” – Tegan

For those parents it’s terrifying that that they fear that their children may be removed from their care because they lack stable housing and then there’s a whole impact on children of not having secure housing and experiencing homelessness so there’s a dire impact on their children as well.