Barnardos Australia believes that the modern pressures experienced by parents can be enormous. Many parents are worried about how safe the world today is for their children. Many are struggling to meet the competing demands of work and parenting; they feel under pressure not to fail their children. Many feel alone and isolated, cut off from important support of families and friends. The challenges and pressures facing parents today are significant and the cause of concern and overwhelming stress. Many parents have not had the role models or nourishing parenting experiences of their own and need help to know how to do this for their children.

Our family support programs help parents to parent their children in safe and nurturing ways, helping them connect with the right supports at the right time to strengthen relationships and enhance safety. 

Through our South Coast centre we offer a range of integrated programs and services which support parenting, strengthen relationships, improve safety and focus on optimal family functioning.

We also run regular parenting programs at our Penrith Children's Family centre. For more information call  (02) 4729 1211.

For other areas of NSW please see our locations to find services available in your local area. Or you can contact our Family Connect and Support service or the Barnardos Canberra centre.