Securing long-term recognition of Barnardos Children's Family Centres.

The future of Barnardos Children’s Family Centres would be significantly improved through a new model of funding by Government.

After the 2019 NSW election, Barnardos Australia will work with the NSW Government to secure recognition of the achievements of the Barnardos Children’s Family Centres model across the State and an appropriate funding model for the future.

Evidence shows that an effective child and family system considers the unique needs, preferences and strengths of people and communities, rather than solely using vulnerability as a method for client identification and service planning.

The Barnardos Children’s Family Centres are operating a best-practice socio-ecological model to provide a multi-disciplinary child-centred program of support.

Barnardos currently operates nine Children’s Family Centres across NSW and the ACT. The Children’s Family Centres are:

  • Placed in key areas of need
  • Already responding to the Government’s current siloed service delivery
  • Designed to deliver individual child programs that support their family and carer needs
  • Funded through multiple individual government grants with varying timelines and expiry dates
  • Best practice proof of the NSW Government’s Their Futures Matter whole of government framework

In 2018 the centres supported the individual needs of 14,049 children ranging from newborns to 18 years of age, through the coordination of 178 programs and services centrally managed through individually designed programs for each child.

How Barnardos Family Children's Centres help

The Barnardos Children’s Family Centre model operates under the following practices:

  • RESTORATION - Half of all children taken into the Temporary Foster Care (TFC) program with Barnardos are restored to their birth parents or extended family (kin).
  • SHORTER DURATION IN CARE - The Temporary Foster Care (TFC) program has achieved restoration for children and their families within an average time frame of 8-9 months since 2014, well inside the 2-year temporary care orders stipulated.
  • PLACEMENT STABILITY - Since 1st July 2012, over 75 per cent of the children and young people who have exited the Temporary Foster Care (TFC) program experienced only a single placement, with results relatively similar between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children and young people.
  • SAFETY AND PREVENTION - In 2017-18 Barnardos supported 7,567 children and young people (under 18) to remain safely at home with their families through our Children’s Family Centres programs.

We will keep you up to date on our discussions with government about our commitment to delivering best-practice services and programs.

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