Creative creatures

A series of workshops were held last week in Cobar, Nyngan and Warren, under the auspices of Outback Arts and Barnardos.

Warren Weekly - Creative Creatures

Warren workshop participants - (standing) Mia Wilson, artist educator Aleshia Longsdale, Alise Morris (Nyngan), Karra Wilson, (seated) Natalie Riley, Jana Coleman and Kim Marks (Barnardos).

Open to anyone, workshop participants were encouraged to draw inspiration from the local landscape, and use natural and recycled materials to make woven pieces representing animals, insects and plants.

Warren's workshop was held at the back of the Barnardos offices last Thursday, and was well attended.

"We had a good roll-up," said course facilitator Aleshia Longsdale, an Aboriginal artist based in Mudgee. "It was great to see the ladies working together, chatting and having a good time, while being creative as well." Lizards, snakes and other creatures were formed out of all sorts of found and manufactured objects.

"The workshops help with skill development, socialisation and occupation.

There is also a potential for economic development, if a market can be found, and a blueprint for future workshops." Aleshia said she hopes the creatures will be able to be displayed in the Outback Arts gallery space or in exhibition spaces around the region.

(This article first appeared in the Warren Weekly)

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