Workplace Giving

Each pay day you can make a difference to the rest of a child's life.

How your support can help children in our Barnardos programs

So what is Workplace giving? Workplace Giving allows you to support more children in Barnardos programs directly from your payroll plus you receive an immediate pre-tax benefit and the charity receives the full donation amount.

For example, if you donate $20 per pay cycle, it will only cost you $12.60* but Barnardos will receive the full $20.

Fill in the form below to learn more about how you can donate the smart way - direct from your pay. Or download our Workplace Giving Registration Form here and send to your payroll department.

How can my company / business make a difference?

  • You can add Barnardos to your Workplace Giving program today.
    This method of donating is an easy and convenient way for you and your staff to make regular donations each pay cycle. It provides a consistent supply of much-needed funds to Australian children in need.
  • Want to take it a step further and create a sense of unity in the workplace?
    Consider making a dollar match for every contribution your employees make. It not only shows your employees that you are invested, but tells the wider community that you are dedicated to making a difference.
  • Haven’t set up Workplace Giving in your workplace yet?
    It is quick and simple to set up and administer, with minimal cost. This is a great initiative that can help boost employee morale and create a strong sense of team building.
  • Find out more by emailing today or filling out the form below. We would also be more than happy to come to your office to tell your employees directly how their donations are making a positive difference to shaping the future of the next generation of Aussie kids!

Here is our Workplace Giving Poster and Brochure that you can download and share with your staff.

Each pay day can make a difference to the rest of a child’s life.

There are a number of specialist online platforms to choose from that can help employers with their Workplace Giving platform:

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To set up your own your workplace giving program visit Workplace Giving Australia to download the free DIY Guide as well as helpful tips and resources.

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