Skydiver Ss

Sonya Kinsey with her son.

When Sonya Kinsey plunges from a plane on Saturday, she'll be thinking about children having happy upbringings.

Ms Kinsey is skydiving and raising money for children's charity Barnardos.

After suffering from domestic violence as a youngster, Ms Kinsey searched for a charity to help out.

"I think as a society we should think more about other people rather than just what we want to do for ourselves,'' Ms Kinsey said.

''(Barnardos) appealed to me because I feel children are very vulnerable and they deserve a safe home environment. Also, having a child as well, I feel he is very fortunate that he has a stable home environment and has everything he needs.''

Ms Kinsey will skydive in Wollongong.

What: Skydiver Sonya Kinsey is aiming to raise more than $500 for Barnardos Australia.
Why: To raise money for Barnardos as well as fulfil a lifelong dream.

(This article first appeared in the Blacktown Advocate on 2 October, 2013 and was written by Chris Georgakopoulos)