Star Supporter Shaynie Hampshire 2014

Fundraiser: Shaynie Hampshire
Name of Fundraising Activity: Cycle for Kids
Location: Perth, WA
Activity: Riding bikes from Midland to Fremantle – 46km
Date: Bike Ride 24 November, 2013

Q&A with Shaynie Hampshire:

1. Why did you choose to support Barnardos Australia?
I chose Barnardos as my charity because they are Australian and I've read and heard only good things about them. It's so amazing what they do for the children and I just wanted to get involved.

2. Why did you choose the activity you did?
I decided to ride a bike from Midland to Fremantle because I don't work out or go to the gym. I'm not a fit person at all, so for me, to ride a bike 46km was going to be very difficult.

3. How did you get support for your activity?
I have never done anything like this before but I honestly had so many people support me; all my family, my friends, the girls at work and Lisa Mastoras from Barnardos.

4. How did you raise the money?
I raised the money by making a tin and putting it on the desk at my salon. I’m a hairdresser so every client I had, I told them about what I was doing in the next 3 weeks and they were happy to support me and donate to a good charity.

5. Anything else you would like to share
There were nine of us riding. At the start, 15 mins into our ride, we had our 1st man down. My friend popped his tyre. Luckily my mum, dad, my brother Gino and Izzie were driving around in case we needed them. They took my friend Chris to a bike place and he got another bike. Just under half way through, we had a 2nd man down. My sister had to swap with my brother as she has scoliosis and has two titanium poles in her back. She isn’t meant to do things like this but she wanted to support me and go as far as she could. Jerome was the 3rd man down. He got sore and had to stop too. On the way to Fremantle, my cousin was the 4th man down. He got a flat tyre and no pumps on hand to fit for his tyre, he rode pretty much the whole way with the back tyre flat. It was amazing! So much effort from all involved. Everyone in my dad and mums’ car would pull up every half an hour ahead of us so they could cheer for all of us as we rode past. We had our own support crew/ cheer team!