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When The Voice Australia contestant Jac Stone performed Suzanne Vega’s hit song, Luka two Sydney girls heard a sad song and decided to make a difference.

After asking their Mum what the song was about Mariella Mantzoros, 8, and her sister Crystelle, 6, decided they had to help children with unhappy home lives. Vega's 1987 song addresses the issues of domestic and child abuse.

The girls rolled up their sleeves and began a fundraising mission for Barnardos Australia by setting up a cake stall at a Roselands dance studio. The sale of chocolate crackles, jelly, popcorn cups and coconut cakes has already raised more than $1000 for Barnardos. The girls have also planned another stall which will sell homemade jewellery.

Mum, Katerina Moros-Mantzoro, says the girls want to make the cake stall fundraiser an annual or twice yearly event.

"Mariella is now thinking up other ways that she can raise money - we’d hate for this to be the end of our fundraising experience," she said.

We would like to thank the Mantzoros sisters for their hard work and their great attitude towards helping others. All of the money they raise will go to Barnardos Australia to help children at risk of neglect or abuse.

If you would like to support Barnardos through a fundraising event please contact our fundraising team on 020 9218 2391 or email Barnardos has been at the forefront of child welfare service provision for more than 120 years, working to find real, permanent solutions for Australian children in desperate need.