Our promise to you:

Barnardos Australia is committed to being transparent on all methods of fundraising. We fundraise at the highest ethical standards possible, we are an accredited member of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Authority and a member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia.

Barnardos Australia respects and safeguards the privacy and confidentiality of our supporters. We are committed to protecting personal data and being accountable and transparent on how we collect and use data. You can read our donor privacy policy here.

Why we fundraise:

Fundraising is a vital stream of income for Barnardos Australia, it is a cost-effective way to generate long-term financial support and to inspire the public about our work. Fundraising allows Barnardos to maintain and grow the 178 programs we run to support children, young people and their families. We continuously monitor all fundraising channels to ensure they are cost-effective..

The ways we fundraise:

There are many ways in which we raise funds from individuals, these include:

Face to Face Fundraising

Our Fundraising teams have conversations with people in shopping centres, on the street and on people’s doorsteps (Door to Door). This style of fundraising allows us to spread the work of Barnardos far and wide and build up financial support on a large scale.

Our fundraisers will always be wearing Barnardos uniform, photo ID and carrying an Ipad. All data collected is securely encrypted. Our fundraisers will never ask for or accept cash donations. They will only ask for donations via direct debit or credit card. All fundraisers are trained not to ask people to donate if they appear vulnerable. If you are concerned about the legitimacy or behaviour of a Barnardos Fundraiser you can call our donor services team on 1800 061 000 or email them at support@barnardos.org.au.

Telephone fundraising

Telephone fundraising is a fantastic method in which Barnardos can communicate with the public about our work and secure donations. Our telephone fundraisers will always introduce themselves with their name and explain that they are calling on behalf of Barnardos.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail (when a charity writes to you) is another effective way to inform our supporters and potential supporters about our work and how they can help support our work. Barnardos works hard to ensure our mailings are as cost-effective as possible and that the donations received far outweigh the cost of the campaign. Additionally wherever possible, we print on recycled paper.


Barnardos also runs fundraising campaigns through a number of digital platforms including via email and Facebook adverts, allowing us to reach and inform a wide audience of potential supporters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do my donations go directly to Barnardos?
    Yes all donations from our supporters go directly into Barnardos Australia’s account.
  • How are my details kept secure?
    All personal details given to our fundraisers is secure. The fundraiser you interact with is not involved in any financial transactions taken from your account. All fundraising agencies we partner with legally cannot share your information with anyone else except Barnardos. After your information has been securely transferred to Barnardos, the fundraising agencies destroy all your information once their responsibilities are completed.
  • How do Barnardos select their fundraising agencies?
    As Barnardos does not have the capacity to employ our own fundraisers we partner with fundraising agencies to work on our behalf. Barnardos has strict selection criteria in place when deciding upon a fundraising agency. We also have a due diligence process that must be completed prior to commencing with an agency. Additionally, if we are partnering with a Face to Face agency, they must also be an accredited PFRA member.
  • How do Barnardos train their fundraisers?
    All Barnardos fundraisers are both trained by their fundraising agency and Barnardos staff. We also run refresher training sessions for our established partners to make sure they are kept up to date on our work. We regularly monitor and review our fundraisers via mystery shopping and call listening. We investigate all complaints in regards to the behaviour of our fundraisers and make sure appropriate measures are put in place to prevent the situation from happening again.
  • What can I do if I have a question regarding my donations?
    You can call our friendly donor services team on 1800 061 000 or email them at support@barnardos.org.au, they are available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. If it is out of hours, please leave a message or email and we will respond as soon as possible.

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