Barnardos Mother of the Year

25 years of celebrating mums.

Mother of the Year has been a significant event each year for Barnardos Australia and we were looking forward to the 25th year of celebrating the enormous contribution that mums make in shaping Australia's future.

COVID19 has had a significant impact on this event. Due to current isolation rules, we are unable to hold the state events, along with the national event in Sydney. Although we are disappointed by this, we completely understand the need to abide by these rules.

While we find ourselves in extraordinary times, we want to keep the spirit of the event and find ways to celebrate the mum’s in each state, along with the national winner. With this in mind, we have decided to shift our focus from actual in person events and implement an online event to make these announcements, acknowledging and celebrating our mum’s.

We will keep you updated on the announcements as we draw closer to Mother’s Day. 


About our award

25 years celebrating mums