Permanent carers are needed for children over the age of five years. These children need a safe, nurturing home until they reach the age of 18 years or are ready to move into independent living.

Barnardos ensures carers are supported with ongoing financial, emotional and practical support. The level of the allowance depends on the age, circumstances and needs of the child. This continues until the child or young person turns 18 years of age. Permanent foster carers receive a fostering allowance dependent of the age of the child.

While permanent carers have the responsibility for day-to-day decisions for the child, Barnardos has the final responsibility for major decisions, e.g. travel out of NSW, surgery and other medical treatment.

Carers can be from a diverse range of backgrounds and can be married or single.

Children need a safe and stable family home to grow up in where they feel loved and wanted.