Our Vision

To empower every child in Australia to reach their full potential.

Our Purpose

We support vulnerable children to recover and thrive.
Together, we ensure they reach their brightest future.

Our Values

  • We never give up

    We recognise the challenges that children face and put our shared wisdom and experience to work.
    We don’t give up because we know that we can empower children to achieve their full potential.
  • We speak up

    We listen, act and advocate on behalf of children, always showing compassion and inclusion.
  • We aim higher

    We learn, improve and innovate in everything we do to enrich the well-being of children and their families.
    We demand excellence to inspire excellence.
  • We stand with you

    When we unite around a child in need, we prove that they do not have to overcome their challenges alone.
    We champion collaboration and cultivate teamwork for the good of children, families and the community.
  • We do what’s right

    We build trust with people, partners and our community by being ethical, transparent and accountable.
    We take full responsibility and learn from our mistakes.

You can download our Towards 2025 Strategic Directions here.