Barnardos is one of the most highly respected children’s charities in Australia, with a reputation for excellence in its service provision to children, young people and their families as well as valuing and looking after its staff.

With a dedicated commitment to permanency planning for children and an acknowledgement of the detrimental impact of high staff turn-over on this planning  Barnardos has developed a family friendly and flexible work environment that has resulted in staff stability and low staff turn-over.

Barnardos offers its employees a broad range of work options and conditions that recognises that everyone needs to achieve a good work-life balance.

By keeping case-loads small Barnardos ensures that both clients and staff are getting the time they need to achieve positive outcomes.

At Barnardos staff are afforded support and flexibility providing a work environment where professionals have the resources they require to provide innovative and flexible services to children and families including access to regular quality supervision and training.