Working for a not for profit or charity

Not-for-Profit organisations play an important part in Australia’s economy, they are the largest provider of community services and make up 9.3% of Australia’s workforce. There are around 600,000 not for profit organisations in Australia, and over 60,000 of these are registered charities; Barnardos Australia is one of these. Australian charities are constantly growing and changing and there are many reasons to choose to work for a charity like Barnardos Australia.
(Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Non-profit Studies 2014)

Benefits available to our staff

Salary packaging
Australian taxation laws provide generous tax concessions for not for profit organisations like Barnardos Australia. One such concession is an exemption for Fringe benefits tax (FBT).

This means an employer like Barnardos Australia is able to pass on to their employees a proportion of their wages as a reimbursement of personal expenses and no income tax is payable on this money, in effect a proportion of your salary each pay is tax free. (Salary packaging)

You may choose to package a range of items, such as your mortgage, rent, school tuition fees, private health insurance or even a personal loan repayment, or you may decide to use our convenient Salary Packaging Payment Card (Encompass) to package everyday living expenses including groceries, clothing and utility bills.

You can package up to the allowable maximum of $15,900 each FBT year.

If you choose to package your salary (it is an option) money is deducted from your salary pre-tax. You pay tax only on the remaining portion of your salary not the salary packaged money, significantly reducing the income tax you pay.

Packaging a vehicle
Barnardos employees working over 17.5 hours per week and employed on pay level 33 or above of the Barnardos Australia Enterprise Agreement 2011 have the option of packaging a vehicle as part of their salary. The Barnardos Australia vehicle is available to you for both business and personal use and is of significant value to our staff.

A work life balance
At Barnardos Australia we acknowledge the need to balance your work and personal life, To support this we have developed and value a work place culture that encourages self-care and a healthy and sustainable staff team.

We have clear policies that encourage flexible work arrangements, provide a generous paid parental leave scheme and provide the ability to purchase additional annual leave.

Practice Development Centre (PDC)

The PDC was established to integrate and enhance the work of The LAC Project Australia (Looking After Children) and SCARF Australia (Supporting Children and Responding to Families), joint ventures of Barnardos Australia, the School of Social Work, University of New South Wales and principal researcher Elizabeth Fernandez.

Barnardos Australia’s Practice Development Centre is dedicated to ensuring all case workers are equipped to work to the highest standard. Our committed training and professional development team facilitate practice-based training for caseworkers and managers throughout Barnardos Australia.

In short Barnardos Australia staff spend less time on administration, more time with children and families and achieve improved outcomes.