All about Barnardos

Barnardos Australia is a leading non-government, non-denominational, child safety and family care organisation run by an independent Board of Directors. Incorporated in Australia, Barnardos is a registered charity and a public company limited by guarantee.

Barnardos has provided services for vulnerable children, young people and their families in Australia since 1921. We work with highly vulnerable children and young people to provide a safe home and permanent relationships for all their childhood. We care for children exposed to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as neglect, exploitation and homelessness.

As one of the nation’s leading child protection charities, Barnardos vision is that all children and young people will have caring families where they can grow safely and fulfil their potential, as we believe all children deserve a safe and stable home.

Barnardos provides a variety of integrated child-focused programs and services throughout our Children’s Family Centres which support families and keep children safe at home. Out-of-Home Care (OOHC) provides a permanency focused continuum of care for children and young people who cannot live safely with their own families. This includes temporary foster care, kinship care, permanent long term care, and open adoption. Barnardos has been an accredited Adoption Agency in NSW since 1986, specialising in open adoption from OOHC. In recent times Barnardos has provided approximately one third of all Australian adoptions for very young children in foster care.

All Barnardos work is underpinned by our Strategic Directions, with associated planning and implementation of key objectives, which are reviewed on an annual basis.

A snap shot of our Barnardos impact in 2017 -2018